Rekindle My Blog

Four months. I went four months without posting anything to my blog. It wasn’t my intention to let my blog fall to the back burner. It wasn’t my intention to end up in a position where I had to rekindle my blog and website.

My apology

To say I’m sorry to those of you who were actively visiting my site, reading my posts, and interacting with me doesn’t seem like enough. I appreciate everyone who stopped by and checked out one of my posts. I hope you come back. I hope you enjoy revisiting my site. I would love to hear from you in the comments below as I rekindle my blog.

Why? What happened?

To say life happens and leave it at that would be easy. The reality is, I found myself without a regular “9 to 5” job for the first time in 23 years. In my younger years, I did a little job hopping as most kids entering the workforce for the first time are want to do. Then I landed a job I liked and stuck with it for just shy of five years. I worked a couple of temp jobs for about three months after leaving that job before landing what would become an 18.5-year career for me. Being jobless after working for 23 years at two different companies can take a toll on your psyche.

I did what any person worth his or her salt would do. I moped. Yes, imagine shuffling around the house in ratty, old pajamas all day with my hair in a non-cute messy bun. Netflix and coffee were my two best friends. My boyfriend learned to approach with caution lest my razor sharp tongue unleash a thousand cuts upon him. I don’t think he enjoyed the twenty-minute crying spree when he told me bye every day before he left for work. Before he left to be a productive member of society and a financial contributor to our household.

Recovery & Redefining

After a few weeks, I started to come out of my funk. I realized a few things that made me feel better.

  1. I could afford to take time off and enjoy it. Specifically, I could enjoy a holiday season not working retail and not working in customer service for the first time in 23 years.
  2. I still have all of my skills and abilities and knowledge. Leaving an employer didn’t take those things away from me.
  3. There are so many things I love to do, like writing, that I could devote more time to now.
  4. I could take classes to keep my skills sharp and develop new ones. Learning is one of those things I love to do.
  5. I could take the time to combine my passions and my skills to prepare for my next career.
  6. I could devote time to reconnecting with friends and colleagues in the writing world, and do things, like attend conferences, that I didn’t have time for when I was working.

By this time, it was almost November and the start of National Novel Writing Month. I didn’t have a plan, but on November 1, I sat down and started typing. As I worked on that project, cranking out my 1,667 words per day to stay on target for 50k by months end, that little voice in my head kept asking what about this site.

Rekindle My Blog

I want to get back to posting here on a regular basis. As I rekindle my blog, I want to commit to writing at least one post per week with an eye toward increasing that to as many as three posts per week over time. I would love to hear what you would like to see more of on this site. Do you want to see:

  1. More articles on writing tools and software?
  2. More articles on methods and techniques?
  3. More information on conferences and workshops?
  4. More product and book reviews?
  5. More of my own work?

Thank you all, and welcome back!

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